Take A Road Trip With Me

We’ll build a secret tunnel to Alaska
With our small delicate suburbian hands
And drive to the white mountains
Wearing nothing but a Led Zeppelin t-shirt

We’ll swim in a cold lake and laugh or cry
Our hearts out – it doesn’t really matter
Then we’ll borrow a worn-out kayak
From an Indian Unangan shaman
And paddle down to Qaxaca in Mexico

Extremely tired and bored to death
We’ll drink anything with alcohol
And steal their yellow sombreros
And eat all their tasty corn tortillas
While David Bowie or The Kinks
Sing for us an unknown tune
On our vintage Sony-Walkman
That my little-niece gave me yesterday

Late at night, we’ll sleep naked on the grass
Dreaming a picture of a melting exotic tree
The owls will keep us warm and cozy
Despite the thick blackness of the forest

In the morning with our cold lips
We’ll blow a ridiculous soft balloon
And fly-high across the universe
To meet our crazy freaky friends
In the forgotten celestial depth
Of the Orion Nebula cluster

There is a Huge party going on

Haven’t you seen the flickering lights?
Up in the nightly bohemian skies?

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