Emotion Is

Emotion is the expression of the body movement.

If the body does not express its natural state with movement the emotion is nothing but a thought. And a thought comes and goes, it appears and disappears out and into nothing, but the body is real, and the movement is real.

When a word becomes the movement of the body then it becomes a Living Word. You can not “feel” an emotion with your mind, you can only live the definition you give to that word with the free movement of your body.

Realize, there are two kinds of emotions: The Internal Emotion (i-motion), that exists only in the inner dimensions of your mind, and the External Emotion (e-motion), that exists only in the outer dimensions of your body. The i-motion is an “emotional” thought form, created by the I’s of your Ego. The e-motion is a free movement of the body, expressing the pure center of your Being.

Know thyself to Free thyself.
Free thyself to Enjoy thyself.

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