Create Yourself A Soul

What is the goal of the life? It’s to create yourself a soul. For me, movies are an art… more than an industry. And it’s the search of the human soul… as painting, as literature, as poetry. Movies are that for me. I wanted to make a film… that would give the people who took LSD at that time… the hallucinations that you get with that drug, but without hallucinating. I did not want LSD to be taken, wanted to fabricate the drug’s effects.This film was going to change the public’s perceptions. My ambition with Dune was tremendous. So, what I wanted was to create a prophet. I want to create a prophet… to change the young minds of all the world. For me, Dune will be the coming of a god. Artistical, cinematographical god. For me, it was not to make a picture. It was something deeper. I wanted to make something sacred… free, with new perspective.

Open the mind! Because I feel, in that time, myself, inside a prison.
My ego, my intellect, I want to open!

– Alexandro Jodorowsky

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