The Biology Game

Are Relationships, Sex and Emotional Moods a Biology Game? What is the role of the neurochemicals: Dopamine and Prolactin? Why the Honeymoon is Over? Why we Eat more than we need? Why we Smoke? Why we Love Chocolates? Why we have Sexual Fetishes? Why we have Low Libido? Why we have Social Anxiety Disorder?

Please, Realize That We Are The Same. We Behave Differently. But We Share the Same Drives! Stop Re-Acting. Stop Pre-Tending. Stop Accepting. Start Self-Acting. Start Self-Honesty. Start Self-Responsibility. Stop All The Cycles. Start Breathing Here, Now! Or Continue to Play The Game in The System Matrix. Your Choice. Your Life. Our World!

Pulling Away After Sex – By Marnia Robinson

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